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Meet the Crew

Anna Casey Williams


Previously: RPC LLP, Makuria Investment Mgmt
Austin, Texas and Cornwall, UK



Anna Casey is a servant leader first and foremost and founded CULTURE out of her conviction that the new normal presents an opportunity for society to work for everybody, equitably. A big picture thinker with an uncanny eye for detail, she believes that heart and soul have a place in every team.


A restorative justice and restorative practices advocate, an inventor and a seasoned leader, she has spent 16 years helping CEOs and developing high-empathy teams across various sectors. These include tech startups, corporate law, politics & public policy, green energy & finance/hedge funds. She has trained corporate teams on values-based business, DEI, emotionally intelligent leadership and sales across the UK, EU, Ukraine, Australia, and the USA. Cornish and Texan by heritage, Anna's superpower is glueing teams together by showing them how we all have more in common than we believed possible.


Anna has spoken - in her trademark irreverent style - alongside cabinet members, a secretary of state, HNWIs, business leaders, MPs and ministers, problem solving on everything from environmental issues to inclusive practice, always advocating high-empathy leadership, individual responsibility and healthy boundaries as part of the solution.

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Charles E Devany, CPA  
Previously: Bridgepoint, Thinkwell, Inc.
Austin, TX, US


Patrick Lawrence  
EQ Engineer™ and Alignment Lead
Previously: Google, Teksystems; J.P. Morgan. , Louisville, KY, US

Manu headshot Oct 2021_edited.jpg

Manu Rehani  

Previously: Silicon Steel Technologies, LSI Logic 

Austin, TX


Victoria Williams
CULTURE EQ Engineer™ 
Austin, TX, US


Jai Tyler 
CULTURE EQ Engineer™ 
Previously: University of the Arts
Bath, UK


Jo Burfitt
CULTURE Freedom Engineer™
C-Suite level Executive Assistant

Portsmouth, UK


Advisory Board


Dr. Joanna Abeyie, CBE

Founder & CEO - Hyden Talent

(Blue Moon, Shine Media, BBC)

London, UK

Ian May.jpg

Ian May  

Harley Street Accredited Psychotherapist 

(Previously: BBC, Incisive Media) 



Ian Curnow  

Managing Director,
Restorative Justice NGO Konnect, 
Director of Cornwall School for Social Entrepreneurs
(Previously: D&C Police Sergeant, Royal Navy)  


Iris Polit  

Global Marketing Senior Manager, VMware

Author, Speaker, Career Transition & Personal Branding Strategist, Founder of Your Success Ace 

(Previously: Citrix)

Austin, TX


Clint Evans

Managing Director - SOS Consulting

(Previously: Deloitte, Henley, RPC LLP)

London, UK


Tao Mantaras


Forbes 30 Under 30

(Previously: KPMG)

London, UK

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