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The daughter of an African American father and English caucasian mother unexpectedly moves from Britain to Austin, Texas as racial tensions reach boiling point, and delves deeper into her own racial identity.


Common Ground documents an emotional reckoning for a mixed race British/American community organizer. Unexpectedly spending COVID lockdown in the heart of her family's black community, just east of APD HQ, she asks new questions and gains new answers. As Mike Ramos and then George Floyd are killed by police, she attends the protests and gathers testimony from friends and family. Faced with a harsh reality, grapples with Klan violence against her family, and amidst the societal turmoil, sheds a new light on police brutality for UK students and teachers alike.


Read the 1927 Austin City Plan here - pages 28 and 63 for more on the themes referenced in Common Ground.

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