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Straight to the heart and soul of your team.

  • brand and talent experts

  • next-level leadership training 

  • integrity across your customer brand, talent brand and employee experience 

The new normal in brand management.

It starts with your vision.

It starts with CULTURE.

The problems for mission-driven leaders in 2023:


Our customers need to feel the authenticity of our team in every interaction


Finding and hiring the right people is tough right now


We're not doing enough for our brand recognition within our market


How CULTURE helps you thrive



We have the operational know-how to knit your functional teams together.

Three decades of experience running brand, talent, culture, HR, marketing and sales teams together, cross-functionally. You know this is the only way to ensure the integrity of your brand. We show you how.

Our patented and proven Cognitive Behavioral Linguistics AI-enabled technology

A rigorous, scientific deep-dive approach to understanding people and influencing them to act.


Whether we're analyzing focus group data for customer buying signals or internal surveys employee retention, we know how your brand is impacted by your emotional contract with your customers and people. 


Better yet - we can tell you where your opportunities and risks are. 

Rave reviews from: 

Wilson Sonsini.png


We've seen huge improvements in our employee Net Promoter Score, and our company culture has improved tremendously with CULTURE

Tao Mantaras

Forbes 30 under 30

Co-Founder & Former CFO at case study: results in 12 months that speak for themselves


increase in retention

Teams know how to succeed and longer tenure ensures your return on investment 


increase in diversity ratio

Foster an environment that attracts and delights diverse talent

lightbulb (2).png



When a team's culture is is healthy and authentic, it is led by servant leaders with incredible boundaries and a deep instinct for developing and advocating for their team.


This creates safety to think freely and makes it easy for the whole team to perform. This is how productivity, loyalty and innovation happens. And this is how we will cure most of society's ills."


Anna Casey Williams
Founder & Managing Director, CULTURE




Cost effective

Buy the services your team needs with clear services at a transparent price.

lightbulb (2).png

Healthy responsibility

We manage expectations with you, with each other, with your board and with your partners. We also train on managing expectations, if needed.


Pulse checks

We learn your team’s unique pain points and provide skilled support, checking in regularly.



Whether or not this is your first start-up, it's not ours.


Early intervention

We address problems through confidential coaching before they become an HR issue.


Data driven

We measure and then improve team engagement, diversity ratio, and retention.

Our EQ Engineer™ was a fantastic facilitator... friendly but firm and ensured that all parties were heard during the sessions I had with her.

- Client Team Member


How is your culture?

Get in touch with our team to learn more about how CULTURE can set your team up for success in the future of work.

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